The perfect presentation for your products

When bringing your products to market, you’ll want the best possible presentation. At Integrated Services Asia, we bring a wealth of experience when it comes to retail and commercial installations, including but not limited to:


• Retail store fixtures
• Modular shelving systems
• Signage
• Fitness and strength training equipment


Our Project Managers and installers are highly skilled professionals who work to a high standard of craftsmanship to guarantee a standout installation.


Our services include site visits to survey locations, take measurements, create installation plans and designs, and assess access for large or heavy objects. Once our initial survey is complete and our designs approved, we’ll work fast and efficiently to get your installation complete to a high standard, well within your time frame.


Our service goes beyond initial installation. We also provide cleaning & maintenance services so every aspect of your installation is kept looking as good as new throughout the life of our customers programs.